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Key services

Key services

We believe there is more to the ‘Investment Process’ than simply buying and selling the right assets at the right time. This is just the beginning and end of the process but, at Ediston, we are focused on delivering performance at every stage in-between.

We believe the company’s key strengths to be all-encompassing, including investment strategy and shrewd stock selection along with development and asset management expertise.

Testimonial Gallery

“Ediston’s intensive and entrepreneurial approach to Asset Management is helping to deliver good results and enhancing the returns for the Europa/Ediston Joint Venture assets.  We like their approach to the management of real estate projects.”
Rob Sim, Partner, Head of Northern Europe, Europa Capital LLP
"The Ediston team are very active across the whole of the UK and we have worked together on a number of good opportunities over the last 6 years and are delighted to have been involved in the successes they have achieved"
Stuart Heslop, Regional managing Director, Real Estate Finance, Royal Bank of Scotland
“Ediston is a valued client of Santander. We are delighted to be working with this highly experienced and dynamic team of professionals. The business has gone from strength to strength and consistently delivers strong results, operating to the highest of standards.   We look forward to working with Ediston towards its future success.”
Nick Peet, Divisional Head - Real Estate Finance, Santander Corporate Banking