Property Introductions

Ediston welcomes property introductions via our online form. Please see our Property Introductions Requirements as well as our Property Introductions Policy below:

Investment & Development Requirements 


  • In town UK offices, including Central London
  • £15m to £100m lot sizes
  • ESG driven value add opportunities
  • Income producing assets with short/ medium term redevelopment potential considered

Development & Refurbishment

  • £20m+ end value
  • City centre offices with prime ESG credentials
  • Mixed-use opportunities
  • Hotel/ BTR/ Residential schemes
  • Targeting ‘big 9’ cities and Central London
  • Retail warehouse development
  • Regeneration development
  • Assets with short income considered for refurbishment

Clydebuilt (focussed only on the West Coast of Scotland/ Strathclyde)

  • £5m to £20m lot sizes
  • Value-add assets across all sectors
  • Housing developments/ BTR and alternatives considered
  • Development opportunities
  • Glasgow city centre focus
  • Joint Venture arrangements considered

If e-mailing, please send to and add one of the following: Main office telephone number 0131 225 5599

Contacts – Investment 

Calum Bruce 0131 240 8887
Graham Lind 0131 240 8886

 Contacts – Development 

Neal Jamieson 0131 240 8880
Ross McNulty 07561 207402
Andy McKinlay 0131 240 8881

Investment Introductions Policy

Ediston Real Estate (the ‘Company’) requires that all property introductions are submitted via e-mail to any of the contacts noted at the end of this policy or using the online form on this page.

In order for an introduction to be valid, it must contain the following information:

  • Property address
  • Up-to-date tenancy schedule
  • Purchase price
  • Purchase yield
  • Vendor’s details

No verbal or written communication received or sent is capable of creating a binding agreement unless specifically agreed in writing by the Company

The Company reserves the right in its absolute discretion whether or not it should accept an introduction. By submitting an introduction to the Company you are agreeing and accepting this

If a property has been introduced to the Company by more than one party, the Company reserves the right in its absolute discretion to select and use the most appropriate person

If the Company accepts an introduction, it is on the basis that:

  • The introducer (individual or their firm) has no conflict of interest
  • The introducer (individual or their firm) is acting only for the Company
  • The introducer (individual or their firm) will not make a competing bid on
    behalf of any other party for the relevant property

The introducer’s fee is to be agreed by negotiation and must be expressly confirmed in writing by the Company

If a property has been introduced and rejected, any re-introduction will be deemed to be a new introduction and it must be submitted in accordance with this Introductions Policy

If the Company has accepted or rejected an introduction, it reserves the right to accept a subsequent introduction of the same property from another party without being liable to the initial introducing party, if for example (but not limited to the following), a reasonable period of time has elapsed or if there are changes in the offer terms.

Make An Introduction

  • Introducer Information

  • Property Information

  • Up-to-date Tenancy Schedule

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
  • By using this form, you agree to the terms set out in our privacy policy.