Key services

We believe there is more to the ‘Investment Process’ than simply buying and selling the right assets at the right time. At Ediston, we are focused on delivering performance at every stage in the life of an asset.

We believe our key strengths to be all-encompassing, implementing investment strategy and clever stock selection along with development and asset management expertise.


We focus on identifying assets which are mispriced or are capable of being managed to a higher value through detailed analysis of risk and the property fundamentals, combined with good knowledge of the local occupational market. Our key targets are assets which can be enhanced to institutional grade. This gives us a pricing advantage over assets that are already at that grade and where competition is fiercest. The strength of our asset management team gives us the expertise to execute this strategy.

Our approach requires a clear understanding of the macro-environment and sound research of the supply and demand fundamentals of local markets to create a deliverable business plan with a detailed financial appraisal of cash flow.


Property development in commercial, residential and mixed use markets is a fundamental part of our well-balanced portfolio and positively contributes to performance with manageable risk.

We achieve this through our planning expertise, an eye for modern, sustainable design, efficient management of construction risk and cost control, and a detailed knowledge of occupier and investor requirements.

We understand timing is everything and our sector knowledge and expertise in the delivery of complex projects helps us deliver completed developments at the optimum point of the cycle.

Commercial – we are primarily active in office, retail park and hotel development

Residential – we launched our residential business in 2016 with a primary focus on building family homes but have recently added prime urban apartment development to our “portfolio”

Mixed-use – we are now blending our expertise of commercial and residential markets together to deliver complex urban mixed use developments with the challenges presented by shared infrastructure, mixed-tenure and placemaking.

Asset management

We adopt a ‘hands-on, value-add’ approach to asset management, initially thorough understanding local markets and the needs of our tenants.  We focus on delivery what our tenants require and, through this proactive approach, seek to retain customer loyalty.

Often running various strategies at the same time, we adapt to market change and occupiers’ circumstances, maximising value enhancement and exit price.

We focus on cash flow first, looking beyond “bricks and mortar”. We understand all aspects of managing real estate, from tenant liaison to lease regears, rent reviews and lease renewals; to dilapidations, refurbishment and redevelopment; to planning applications for change of use – all with the objective of delivering value improvement.

Where we require external support on rent reviews, lettings, lease renewals or design and refurbishment, we work collaboratively with consultants with whom we have built up strong long term relationships and who share our values.